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Bosslight Book Signing with Author & Illustrator of Award-Winning Book

Author DeAnna Weeks Prunés and Illustrator Erin Gentry will be at The Bosslight this Saturday, March 6 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm to sign their award-winning book Wild Home.

Don't miss this special event. Facemasks are required!

"The best new Go book for 2021" - BookAuthority Readers' Favorite 5 Star Seal Winner

Sometimes when we love something dearly, we must set it free. That’s the hard lesson that two sisters learn after finding, raising, and releasing an orphaned baby squirrel.

Wild Home is a poetic and nurturing story that teaches the lesson of loving something enough to let it go. While reading this story, you will learn that sometimes animals need our help. It’s our duty to care for them, but once they are well enough, they are happiest in their natural habitat. As you read, notice the subtle comparisons between the needs of the family pet compared to the needs of the baby squirrel.

This beautiful picture book is inspired by a playful little squirrel that found her way into the author’s heart after falling on her front porch. Although she has been set free, she still visits the family often.

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