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Bosslight Auction: Signed Charlie Daniels Memoir

We're putting up a signed copy of Charlie Daniels' memoir Never Look At The Cheap Seats. Charlie was a popular figure in country music, southern rock music, redneck rock, whatever the fans were calling it, they were buying it up in the 1970s and 1980s. Most known for his classic "The Devil Went Down To Georgia," I tend to prefer the earlier "Long Haired Country Boy." Which he was, among other things. He was a complicated man, and I guess that's what made his music the way it was. Anyway, bless up, Charlie. Your music will never die. This is a great memoir, and this particular copy is signed (with a certificate of authenticity.) All money goes to support The Bosslight, your favorite independent bookstore in downtown Nacogdoches. To place your best bid, go to the comments on this post on our Facebook page: Thanks, yall!

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